First, download the file flag.zip here (151Ko).
Extract the two obj files, pole.obj and flag.obj in a temporary directory.


Using File>Import>Wavefront obj, import the two obj files in poser.
Don’t forget to uncheck all the options in the prop import options window.


Create a wind force (Object>Create wind force)


Select the force field and in the parameter dials windows, set the parameters like in the image on the side.
We put the force field at some distance from our flag, rotate it as it is facing the flag, and as we want a fierce wind blowing, we set the amplitude to 20 Мембрана ПВХ Bauder (Баудер) из Германии

Then we move the spread angle and range dials to put the flag in the force influence field (see the image above) . купить медсправку

Now before using the cloth room, we have first to transform the pole prop in a figure, as we need to create constraints to maintain the flag near the pole. It seems that poser accept only constraints over a figure.
Select the pole and go to the set up room.

Choose a very simple item, like the P4 female bikini bottom, and click on “Apply library preset”.

Now, our pole has 4 body parts we don’t need, but it’s a figure.

Go to the cloth room.


Create a new 60 frames simulation.
Check the cloth self-collision (our flag will move a lot in the wind).


Clothify the flag.
Then click “Collide against”, add your new figure (the pole).

Check the 3 “ignore” boxes


Click on “Edit constrained group”
Create 3 verticies groups which will simulate the ties which attach the flag to the pole.


Back to the main cloth room window, set the fold resistance to 20.
Then launch the simulation with a click on “Calculate simulation”.

“Et voila”

The 2 main parameters to set are the wind amplitude and the fold resistance. The values I gave you work well for me.With the default fold resistance value, the flag bend too much the simulation is not realistic (my mesh bend very easily).

You can play with this 2 parameters to see the changes, and even add some wind turbulence (take care, it’s a very sensitive parameter).

Tip : If your flag remains static in the scene, you can leave the pole as a prop and use choreographed groups in place of constrained group (they are not parented). But if you wish to move your flag (the pole part), the only mean I found is to transform the prop into figure as indicated.