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Our website discusses some fashion that might inspire you to display different style of dress. But not everyone can immediately believe in applying the trend and modern, there are also many people who find it difficult to find fashion trends that are the current trend. To display a trendy style you also need to know to dress in modern style, you need to pay attention to the quality of items such as materials used. Of course it has become the most common question, how to distinguish genuine and fake designer goods. It is undeniable that many people now want to own designer goods, by doing everything they can, so they cannot distinguish them well. If you experience the same dilemma, don’t worry. The following are some ways to distinguish genuine and fake designer items so that they will help your fashion become more attractive and trendy

Buy directly at the boutique
The best choice for buying designer goods is to come directly to the boutique. Now more and more people are turning to online stores and opting for second-hand goods that are much cheaper. Some people choose to shop online because they don’t want to be complicated, or because they don’t have time to come to the boutique.

Pay attention to the material
Before buying an item, make sure you do some research, including the materials used on the item. For example, is a bag made entirely of leather or leather only as decoration. Do not let the new goods in use turns out the skin has been peeled or the goods have been damaged. Moreover, items that have been purchased cannot be returned. Don’t just look at the luxury of these items but also the quality and comfort.

The logo
When talking about designer goods, branding is everything so it’s important to pay attention to inconsistent logos.

Of course the price will be a big indication of whether an item is genuine or fake. Buying designer goods directly at the boutique is the best way to ensure that they are authentic.