Welcome to PoserFashion

Dear Poser user,
I have to advise you that I had to close my previous site. As it was using too much space and bandwith, I was not able anymore to afford its cost. Also, because I have few time, I was no more able to answer promptly to your questions. So it is closed since september 30. If you are a regular user, I suppose you have already all my previous stuff. For newbies coming to poser, all my files are available on a CD sold by Gloria Gast (and including her textures) and her daughter Kathy Predmore..

Nevertheless, I will not stop poser. I plan to begin new clothes series dedicated to the new poser 5 characters that you will find on this new site. Even if I make from time to time casual clothes, I will not forget period styles, and this time, if I succeed, as much for men and chidren than for women.

I would like to thank here all my previous mailing list members for their nice emails.

Please suscribe to the new mailing list as I will no more post in forums or free stuff to advise about my news (because of time always, and also to avoid too much downloads).